What is Medici? Why is Medici?

Medici is a new idea and is many things but at its core, it is interactive community centered around the Airborne Toxic Event, it's also a platform for releasing new material only to members of that community, it's also the only way to see the band in a tiny club or backstage and  membership in the community is the only way to get in. Members get:

UNRELEASED SONGS: New unreleased songs long before they are available to the public, rare songs, live versions of songs, as well as the bombastic acoustic series of our latest record, Hollywood Park, which we will be added on an ongoing basis.

SECRET SHOWS: Everyone who signs up for Medici can attend a secret Airborne performance, free with membership. There will be no tickets, no scalping, just you and the band in a small venue. Some of these will be small acoustic performances, some will be VIP Soundcheck tours in which you can meet the band. Additionally, we will be announcing a series of  shows in small rooms on the West Coast (places like the Troubadour in Los Angeles) on May 1st. The only way to attend is to be a Medici member. We will book enough shows so that every single Medici member who wants to can see the band.

EARLY ACCESS TO VENUES: All Medici members are entitled to early access to venues (15 minutes before general admission) on the Airborne Toxic Event Hollywood Park tour.

SONGWRITING WITH MIKEL: A series of monthly livestreams on the first Friday of every month at 5:00 PM pst, in which Mikel will take members on the journey of writing the next Airborne Toxic Event record. You can hear early versions of songs a year before they come out. Mikel will also be doing deep dives on the songwriting of songs in the catalog as chosen by members of the Medici community.

TELEGRAM: All news, photos, announcements, songs, streams, backstage videos, wayward thoughts, comments, observations and more will be placed on our private Telegram Channel FIRST, where Medici members can interact with the band and each other.

FULL CONCERTS STREAMS: With membership, members receive exclusive full concerts streams of various festivals and shows. Currently, members can view all of The Airborne Toxic Event Live at the Fillmore in San Francisco. By signing up, you can watch the entire show instantly.

EXCLUSIVE LIVESTREAMS/VIDEOS: In addition to Mikel's monthly livestreams, the band will be host livestreams in which we build set lists with members and make t-shirt design choices and open the door to major festivals and life in a touring rock band.

MEDICI SHIRT: Included with your membership is the exclusive Medici t-shirt which members are encouraged to wear to shows, meet-ups and other events.

COMMUNITY: Beyond all of the content and perks and events, the main purpose of Medici is to build a community as we believe music is the bridge which connects us as people and want that connection at the center of our artistic lives.

ACCOUNTS: You can cancel anytime. All transactions are guaranteed secure through Stripe, the most secure credit card platform in the world. Though we don't think you're going to want to cancel.

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